21 April 2012

write about my life & passions - Nik

english blogger Introduction में आज ..इनका शुभ नाम है - निक @ निकोला । और सुनिये । निक की प्यारी बातें - My boring blog, thanks for having a read :)  I'm Nik and this is my website, guess it's effectively a blog. I just like having somewhere to put pictures and write about my life and passions, so this will be it :) अपने बारे में कुछ यूँ भी कहा -  Little Bit o' Bio.और इनकी Age है - 25 और ये निवासी हैं - From  Chesterfield, in the UK और इनकी Relationship Status है In a relationship. और इनके Pets है - Two doggies, one a Jack Russell and the other a Shar Pei X Malinois.और इनका Interests है - Reading, writing, video gaming, animals & nature, painting & drawing, photography, hiking. Just to add that my passion for video games cannot be matched xD I'm the biggest nerd in the entire world, you'll see that when you see all the Skyrim blogs I end up writing LMFAO - Nx और इनका ब्लाग है - Bed Hair ( CLICK HERE FOR VISIT )

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