21 April 2012

who knows everything - natalya simmons

english blogger Introduction में आज मिलिये natalya simmons से । इनका Occupation है - Produtora e Editora और इनकी Location है - São Paulo, SP, Brazil नतालिया जी अपने
Introduction में कहती हैं - Nascida em 15 de dezembro em São Paulo, Capital, 24 anos anos, Radialista pela Faculdade de Comunicação Cásper Líbero और आगे देखिये  love के बारे में इनके विचार क्या हैं - I know it's hard to start, maybe their plans have failed dozens and hundreds of times, but my dear, your past does not say what will your future, God's ways are higher than ours, handed him our dreams .The biggest mistake is the man you think you can deceive God, He who formed you, who knows everything, probe your thoughts day and night. No more lying to God, He knows what you want, but he wants to hear you say. The son's voice is heard in the song of a father, God is no different. He loves you and His Spirit cry with sighs too deep to see you suffer. इनका ब्लाग - words ( click here for visit )
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