28 April 2012

3 Monkey’s mom - Maureen

english blogger Introduction की श्रंखला में आज आपका परिचय कराते हैं । 3 Monkey’s mom यानी 3 बन्दरों की मम्मी । इनका शुभ नाम है - Maureen और इनका Occupation है - Domestic Goddess और इनकी Location है - Kansas, United States आगे Maureen अपने Introduction में कहती हैं - Wife, mother, daughter, sister and child of God. I also have a child with autism spectrum disorder - my goal raise global awareness and help those in other countries get in touch with resources to help their child with autism. और इनका Interests है - I love music, reading, knitting, and baking. Okay the baking और इनके ब्लाग्स हैं - Welcome to the Koeppel Clan । Photos for your enjoyment Glass - OUCH ! । an interesting weekend ahead ? Halloween photos and recap Three months and counting down इनके ब्लाग पर जाने हेतु किसी भी ब्लाग के नाम पर क्लिक करें । click blog's title
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