14 March 2012

a voice to the voice-less - Rachel Pudelek

My name is - Rachel Pudelek and Location - Tacoma, Washington, United States and my Introduction - These are the people my characters are based on. The seemingly "damaged" who yearn for normalcy in a world they've never truly belonged. Only, in my stories, these amazingly strong souls find their voices and realize the use of their legs to run toward the life they were created to live. My goal is to give a voice to the voice-less. Please join me on my path to making my goal a reality--my path to publication. I've worked as a sale associate at a sports store, a daycare teacher and a secretary. I've been certified as an optician, a doula and a childbirth educator. The last two professions I loved and I still attend births as a doula from time to time. and my blog link - A Rainy Day Writer In the Evergreen State

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