06 March 2012

no rhythm nor style - Susan Deborah

इनका शुभ नाम है -Susan Deborah और इनकी  Industry है Education और इनकी Location है Tamil Nadu, India आगे Susan Deborah जी अपने Introduction में कहती हैं - A feisty and ageless 32 year old with a zest for anything that remotely resembles life. Learning to love more and less. Mistaking tears as experience and laughter as love. Lazy nevertheless accepting it as part of my in built system. Very critical of myself as well as others. Love to give hugs and pass on joy and smiles. Dance with me for I take no care of the steps for the dance of the heart knows no rhythm nor style. Having faith that sustains me enough to say - This too shall pass. और इनका Interests है -Music, Philosophy, People watching, Trekking, Anthropology, Ecocriticism, Reading, Bird watching, Star gazing, Dancing, Oral traditions, Health, Trees, Mountains, Seas, Rain, Dreaming, और इनका ब्लाग - Meanderings and Reflections

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