03 March 2012

man that holds my heart - Zuzana

इनका शुभ नाम है - Zuzana और इनकी Industry है - Science और इनकी Location है Denmark जुजाना जी अपने Introduction में कहती हैं -  I was born under the Tatra Mountains, to a Czech father and a Slovak mother. I grew up in Sweden and lived almost ten years in North Carolina. More than a decade ago my line of work took me to Denmark, where I live today. My home, which I share with the man that holds my heart, lies in the northerly part of a Danish peninsula, in the proximity of endless, wide and pristine westbound sandy beaches, surrounded by the rough and untamed North Sea. My writing is defined by reflections on my cosmopolitan past and my intriguing present. Ultimately I try to convey in words and images my personal thoughts and feelings about life itself, with all its magic, natural splendour and the beauty of simple pleasures. इनका ब्लाग - Life Through Reflections ब्लाग पर जाने हेतु क्लिक करें ।
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