07 March 2012

anything and everything - sulekha

I WRITE..My life is my Muse and my Muse is my life. I am Sulekha aka Lucks and I love life. Haven’t unravelled all its intricate layers but I am getting there.I embrace friends and their pain becomes mine, their joys make me happy. I can’t detach myself from those I care about and that hurts me at times, but it’s all an integral part of who I am. I sing off-key, dance with two left feet. Life is interesting and challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way because - Life is for living , is the best advice given by a dear friend.I greatly enjoy movies and music. Books are my passion.I love writing about the Sun, Moon, Sea, Love, Life, heartbreaks, food, drinks anything and everything under the Sun and above it too. I tweak my writing with humour because a life without some laughs in it is a sad one. Hope to share my stories with you all for a long time to come. इनके ब्लाग - we have a story Memoirs

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