26 February 2012

as I understand the reality - Marko Crupi

इनका शुभ नाम है Marko Crupi और ये रहते हैं New York में । और इनका Occupation है Photographer और इनका Employment भी है Photographer और इनकी Education है New England School of Photography 2005 और Marko Crupi जी अपने परिचय में कहते हैं - The photograph is my way to communicate to others as I understand the reality , I consider myself an observer, which uses the camera to record aspects of daily life often unnoticed but for me significant. Even though the street photography is my favorite genre i like very much various photographic genres such as landscape photography or sports photography. और इनके ब्लाग में है - Photography Blog: news, photographic techniques, digital cameras, photoshop tutorial, photography course, image editing, photomontage. और इनका ब्लाग है - MC PHOTOGROPHY BLOG क्लिक करें

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