20 March 2011

हरेक बच्चा मुस्कराये यही मेरा लक्ष्य ! हेमन्त कुमार

I am a writer and media person.My aim of life is to see smiles on every children's face of universe.I am writing for children and adults both from last 30 years . Working continuasly in print and electronic media.Near about 40 books of rhymes , stories,poetries,short plays including one children’s encyclopedia & illustrated dictionary are published in hindi.I am also wtiting in different programmes of radio . At present I am working Educational Television,Lucknow,(India).As part of my job I had written near about 300 scripts for E.T.V.and produced more than 200 programmes also । Industry । Communications or Media । Occupation । Lecturer Production । Location । Educational T.V.Center(S.I.E.T.)Lucknow  । Uttar Pradesh : India ब्लाग..क्रियेटिव कोना फ़ुलबगिया
 चिल्ड्रन्स हैवननन्हे मन
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