28 March 2011

ATTITUDE IS CONTAGIOUS ! डा. तृप्ति इन्द्रनील

थेंक गाड ! दो बातें हुयी । एक तो उस डरावनी अफ़गानी महिला के फ़ोटो से छुटकारा मिला । और हमने तृप्ति जी को देखा । दूसरे ये भी मालूम पङ गया कि इन्द्रनील जी भू बैग्यानिक के साथ साथ एक अच्छे चित्रकार भी हैं । खैर..आगे देखिये । त्रुप्ति जी अंग्रेजी में क्या कह रही हैं...They say..ATTITUDE IS CONTAGIOUS !.. It sure is ! And mine is WORTH CATCHING !.. I love to live life at its fullest..and tried almost all I can do for it. That’s why I'm very adjustable and versatile. I'm Geologist by profession and Foodeterian by nature. My biggest strength is my Love Indranil and sweet fairy Rimjhim. I have a strong conviction that blogging..voicing your thoughts greatly helps in good mental health. And that's what I am doing here.. :)..Dr. Trupti Indranil .. Industry .. Science .. Occupation .. Geologist..GIS Analyst.....ब्लाग..कोरल ..रिमझिम..भोजनालय

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