25 March 2011

25 exceptional वुमेन आफ़ इंडिया..सरोजिनी साहू

सरोजिनी साहू has been enlisted among 25 exceptional वुमेन आफ़ इंडिया by the Kindle magazine of Kolkata.. March 2010 Issue ( यहाँ देखें ) A distinguished bilingual South Asian feminist writer, and an associate editor , a feature oriented English journal Indian AGE, she has been conferred with the उङीसा साहित्य अकेडमी अवार्ड 1993 द झंकार अवार्ड 1992 द भुवनेश्वर बुक फ़ेयर अवार्ड and the प्रजातंत्र अवार्ड She is also in the advisory board of Indian Journal of Post Colonial Literature, published from the English Department of Newman College, Thodupuzah, Kerala. In English ,1 novel and 2 anthologies of short stories have been published to her credit so far . Bengali translation of 2 of her novels have been published from Bangladesh and in Oriya ,there are 8 short stories collections and 8 novels in published form to her credit. She is also a known blogger for her ideas in feminism and has gained world wide fame. ब्लाग..
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